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"TEST WAGON" Vault model

"TEST WAGON" Vault model

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 "TEST WAGON" | Test mule for 3D prototype parts, 2022 JCCS display model

This has quite the history being the test bed for many 3D prototyping, including the oil cooler, printed mirrors (soon to be released!) and even the roof rack for the 4x4 wagon.  If you attended 2022 JCCS, you'll know this was the display model for these components.  This has traveled the world and been used for many projects in our shop, so now its time for it to change hands and be enjoyed in a collection out there.

  • Kaido GT prepro model
  • 100% test mule model from Jun Imai's development workflow
  • has the very first set of 3D printed mirrors and oil cooler made after development
  • Item is mounted in a custom Coval acrylic case that is made specifically for KAIDOHOUSE®
  • Features a VAULT hologram on the case base
  • Comes with a VAULT satin finish slip cover
  • also included is a secret pen sketch from one of Jun Imai's notebooks!  (not shown due to secrecy!)

***Due to the unique nature of these items, ALL SALES ARE FINAL on vault items.  There are no refunds, exchanges, or warranties.

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