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"KH X HD wagon" Vault custom model (internal samples)

"KH X HD wagon" Vault custom model (internal samples)

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 "KH X HD WAGON" | Collaboration custom with Hells Dept Japan, internal sample

This is the one and only approved collaboration custom created with the legendary Hells Dept of Japan.  These particular units are from our internal archives.  We're opening these up to share with the world, if you know how to get in our vault.  The quality is absolutely amazing on these custom pieces with a glass like clear coat and an impeccable build level.  Customized in Osaka, Japan.  The retail units came numbered and with several accessories to complete the bundle.  As these are internal samples, they come with the case and signed build plate.  We've enjoyed these in our archives, so now its time for it to change hands and be enjoyed in a collection out there.

Please note- color variations of this model exist and are not approved by Kaido House LLC.  Solid black was only available through Kaido House, and is the only approved colorway.

  • Kaido House X Hells Dept collaboration custom 510 wagon, KH approved and exclusive gloss black, metal chassis
  • Internal samples units- not part of retail drop from 2020
  • Item is mounted in a custom Coval acrylic case that is made specifically for KAIDOHOUSE®
  • Features a VAULT hologram on the case base
  • Comes with a laser engraved acrylic build plate

***Due to the unique nature of these items, ALL SALES ARE FINAL on vault items.  There are no refunds, exchanges, or warranties. 

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