"KDO☆BUGEYE" Custom Diecast- Subaru WRX STI

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KAIDOHOUSE®  drops the "KDO☆BUGEYE" WRX STI with freestyle livery over a crystal purple base!  Suspension is lowered over our favorite 4-spokes on our very own KDO stretched tires. A sprinkle of camber is added for that extra touch of realism.  Subarus are among Jun’s favorites but surprisingly, do not get built often.  Hand built, this is designed, prepared, painted, detailed and assembled by Jun Imai.  Each piece is mounted in a custom Coval acrylic case that is made specifically for KAIDOHOUSE®.

This finished piece is signed, hologrammed, ONE/ONE stickered, placed in a premium hard box, then shrink wrapped for protection and authenticity.  It also comes with the KAIDOHOUSE® acrylic tag, zip tie and case mount for you to assemble if you choose to do so. 

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