"KAIDO☆GELATO" Custom JDM Alfa Diecast

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NOTE- When ordering this item, do not combine with other items.  If you are ordering multiple items, place an order for the custom, then another order for the other items.  The checkout process will not allow you to combine a custom with other products as they are fulfilled separately.  Thank you!

KAIDOHOUSE™  is excited to offer this custom JDM inspired Alfa Giulia GTA in our e-shop!  The Alfa Giulia GTA is one of Jun's all time favorite cars, and it's only a matter of time before a 1:1 joins the KAIDO fleet.  This Alfa has been completely customized with a shaved metal chassis, KDO stretched tires, Watanabe-style wheels and full KDO 3D livery in white and silver.  The inside of the body was carefully shaved to allow the tires to tuck deep into the body with razor thin clearances, yet rolls freely on a flat surface.  The body has deep metallic candy red paintwork, 3D livery and then topped with a tri-coat of KDO clear followed by a polish and added chrome details.  All cars are reassembled with countersunk stainless hex hardware. This custom is a ONE/ONE with the certification sticker on the display base.   This custom also includes a bonus KAIDO CARD ART sketch on a blister card.

This custom can be seen on our YouTube channel as well!  It's the feature vehicle on episode 5.

All works are all designed, prepared, painted, detailed and assembled by Jun Imai.  Each piece is mounted in a custom spec Coval acrylic case that is made specifically for KAIDOHOUSE™.  

Every finished piece is signed, hologrammed, and placed in an exclusive premium hard box, then shrink wrapped for protection and authenticity.  It also comes with the KAIDOHOUSE™ acrylic tag, zip tie and case mount for you to assemble if you choose to do so. 

***Due to the unique status of these items, all sales are final on custom diecast products.  There are no refunds or exchanges.