"KAIDO☆PIG" Custom Nissan Laurel Diecast

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KAIDOHOUSE™  is excited to offer this custom Nissan C130 Laurel "butaketsu" in our e-shop.  While not as well known to the general public as much as a Hako or Kenmeri, those who know, know that the C130 Laurel holds OG gangster status in the respected circles.  This is the first Laurel to be formally offered in our custom program.  Jun designed the Laurel for HW in 2018 for the immensely successful Japan Historics 2 line.  

The body has utilized the original pearl magenta paint base with a livery delete, as it was the perfect color for that authentic “zokusha” vibe. KDO 3D livery was then applied, followed by a KDO tri-coat clear system.  It was then polished with further details added to the individual components. 

The interior features additional detailing, such as the Autolook style seats, and a yellow 3D printed roll cage for that signature KAIDO style.  All cars are reassembled with countersunk stainless hex hardware. This custom is a ONE/ONE with the certification sticker on the display base.  

This custom also includes a bonus KAIDO CARD ART sketch on a blister card.

All works are all designed, prepared, painted, detailed and assembled by Jun Imai.  Each piece is mounted in a custom spec Coval acrylic case that is made specifically for KAIDOHOUSE™.  

Every finished piece is signed, hologrammed, and placed in an exclusive premium hard box, then shrink wrapped for protection and authenticity.  It also comes with the KAIDOHOUSE™ acrylic tag, zip tie and case mount for you to assemble if you choose to do so. 

***Due to the unique status of these items, all sales are final on custom diecast products.  There are no refunds or exchanges.

***Please note international customers may be subject to duties, taxes and related customs fees upon delivery.